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Friday, September 22, 2006

Dean Joss & Prof. Saloner, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Prof. Saloner is a Director for Stanford's Center for Entrepreneuship studies. He joins Dean Joss in discussing the role of an MBA for entrepreneurs, innovations in business school education and what matters most.

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Prof. Garth SalonerIn this episode we take a deeper look into the future of business education and talk to two people driving innovation in this area: Dean Bob Joss and Professor Garth Saloner, both of the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

The GSB has been making headlines, most recently after receiving the largest gift ever given to any business school (a $105million gift from Nike Founder and CEO Phil Knight). The GSB also recently announced an innovative new curriculum that will enable incoming students to personalize their MBA education.

Dean Bob Joss In addition to discussing the recent news, Joss and Saloner also discuss what aspiring entrepreneurs can get out of an MBA, leadership challenges, and their answers to Stanford’s admissions essay. For an interesting perspective on the value of an MBA check out Brad Feld's Thoughts, and for more on the admissions essays, check out Clear Admit's take on it.

Some choice quotes:
  • Should aspiring entrepreneurs take the time to get an MBA? "If you If you come to business for yourself... you really have to learn from your own mistakes. If you go to business school you have the advantage of learning from other peoples mistakes."
  • Dean Joss’s view on the difference between running a bank and a school: "[Now] I spend almost 40% of my time trying to finance the enterprise."
  • Wishlist for new faculty: "I would love to see Steve Jobs be part of a tradition that we've had here for many years [business leaders leading classes]... We've talked about it."
  • And listen to what Joss and Saloner answer to Stanford's famous admissions question "What matters most to you and why?"
- Matt

For more on the Phil Knight gift to the GSB, check out Dave's post on Journey to My MBA.

For some great blogs by current Stanford GSB students, read Rohin Dhar's Silicon MBA and Hamish Fraser's Stanford GSB Diary.

For some pictures from our interview check out the Slide show below (click to read captions):



Daniel Kahn said...

Thanks for the podcast! Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the podcast. I would have appreciated if Dean Joss and Prof Saloner had given more in depth answers to your questions.

iinnovate said...

Subha, thanks for that feedback. We have heard from some people that we need to probe and follow-up a bit more on questions so as to avoid letting our interviewees get 'off the hook' to easily. Definitely something we're working on as we go along. We just interviewed the founding team of Meebo last night and I think we did a better job on that. Thanks again. -- JULIO.

Anonymous said...

Could you interview Jerry Porras on his book Success Built to Last?

iinnovate said...

Andrew, we've added Jerry to our target interviewees. Hopefully he'll agree to be on the podcast as I agree he'd be a great guest! - JULIO.

Linda Abraham said...

Thanks for letting me know about this podcast. I recommended it to Stanford GSB applicants at http://www.accepted.squarespace.com/acceptedcom_blog/2006/10/11/mba-admissions-podcasts-stanford-haas-and-mba-essays.html

Robert said...

Excellent podcast! I would appreciate if you could include Jerry Porras, Tom Peters or Jim Collins in one of your future posts