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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Morgan Hertzan and Joseph Varet, co-founders of LX.TV

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Morgan Hertzan and Joseph Varet are the founders of LX.TV, a New York-based start-up that produces videos for the Web about high-end entertainment and culture centered around New York and Los Angeles. The company was recently aquired by NBC Universal. LX.TV began distributing its local entertainment content exclusively online and has seen considerable growth since its New York real estate show OpenHouseNYC began airing on NBC's owned-and-operated New York station WNBC in January 2007. Since then, WNBC has also added the New York lifestyle show LX.TV 1st Look to its programming lineup.

Prior to founding LXTV Joseph was responsible for all aspects of business development and strategic planning for new television and broadband networks at MTV and Morgan served as Executive Producer for new television and broadband networks at MTV, where he oversaw all aspects of creative development and production for MHD, MTV World, MTV Puerto Rico, and MTV's permanent video billboard in Time Square. Morgan previously created, launched, and supervised production of mtvU, which reaches over 7 million students at 700 US colleges and universities.

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