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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Michael Raynor, Author of The Innovator’s Solution and The Strategy Paradox

Michael Raynor is a best-selling author and the Distinguished Fellow with Deloitte Research; in this interview he talks about innovation strategy and frameworks.

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Michael’s first book (written with Clayton Christensen) The Innovator’s Solution was a Wall Street Journal and NY Times best-seller and won multiple awards.

Michael’s current book The Strategy Paradox is covered in this interview. Additionally, Michael talks about Microsoft innovation, Google’s growth, and consulting firms.

Special thanks to Melanie for doing this interview for us in New York. We hope to see more of her in the future covering innovation thinking out East. Check out this video of the interview:

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If you want to learn more about Michael's latest book check out their site.

Tune in next week as we feature Tim Westergren, the founder of Pandora, an exciting music startup here in the Valley. Thanks for listening!


Anonymous said...

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Greg said...

Clearly this blog is filled with meaningful, well-written information... but I have to ask..

Isn't IInovate spelled wrong? was the correct spelling already taken?

Inquiring minds want to know. Or IInquiring minds...whichever..


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Anonymous said...

Your website is informational, although I am one of those folks who really enjoys the written word. When I sit down at my computer I really am ready to get away from the video format of television--I just want to absorb at my own pace. I too am curious about the iinovate--I'm sure its not as simple as a mispelling. What is the meaning--I innovate? Challenge the minds of your young people at YouthPlay.

Julio said...

Thanks for all the great compliments everyone. I'm glad people are getting a lot out of the interviews.

Now, on the "iinnovate" spelling: This is a bit humorous (and at the same time embarrassing to Matt and I)... First off, it's meant to be spelled iinnovate and pronounced "I innovate", like iPod, iTunes, iBook, etc. We actually spent some time coming up with the name and that's what we came up with. In retrospect, the name is not too good given that (1) no one knows how to pronounce it, (2) it's really hard to spell (a lot of people misspell 'innovation' or 'innovate' with a single 'n' (we actually have both "www.iinnovatecast.com" and "www.iinovatecast.com" as domain names because of that)

So, that's probably a longer explanation of the name than everyone wanted, but there it is.

I hope you all enjoy the upcoming iinterviews! :-)

Doug Williams said...

This was a good interview, but there were too many questions left unasked. This person essentially undermined the "standard-issue" practice of strategy setting. This is the main component of any business plan. I would have liked hearing the question of weather he thinks business plans (as we currently write them) are even relevant.

ancient clown said...


About the name thing...would it help to Capitalize the second "I", even if it's just on your Home Page, so that it takes on a similar look, i.e. "iInnovate"?
On a seperate note I was wondering if you would be interested in examining a business philosophy I use.
I recognize it appears to have it's drawbacks by it's lack of Greed and use of Trust & Honesty...but I've found it MOST effective in application.
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Divyesh Shah (Div) said...

I gone through the first chapter of the book, it looks very intersting.
Can you please let me know regarding the Indian Publisher of the Book.

Julio said...

Hi Div, I'm glad you're enjoying the book. In response to your question about the Indian publisher, I checked with Michael's office and this is what they got back to me:

"There is no Indian publisher, so it is probably best for Div to purchase the book via a Canadian or US bookseller (Amazon, Indigo, etc.)"