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Friday, October 06, 2006

Andy Fan, Founder of Mofile (Chinese Youtube)

Andy Fan, CEO of Mofile (the 'Chinese YouTube'), talks about the Chinese internet user, video sharing sites, and entrepreneurship and venture capital in China.

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Andy Fan in ShanghaiIn this interview Matt interviews Andy Fan in Shanghai. Andy is the CEO of Mofile, the Chinese online storage site that is the equivalent of YouTube in China.

Andy shares his unique insights on the Chinese audience and his views on digital media. A can't-miss interview for anyone interested on an international perspective on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Chinese video sites are leveraging pre-roll ads to monetize audience (check out Calvin Wuchin's post) and Andy provides his views on the business.

For more information on Mofile, check out TechCrunch's analysis of online storage companies.Mofile

- Julio

PS - Curious what MoFile looks like? Check out Andy's favorite MoFile video.



Anonymous said...

This one with Andy Fan of Mofile is good. The questions cover most interesting topics. After listening to it, I got the clear brief account. However, apart from the outline, I would like to go more deep to one of these topics.

iinnovate said...

Thanks for the positive feedback Monica. What topics would you have liked to have gone deeper with? Any input we can get from our listeners about what they find interesting and want to hear more about is useful for future interviews. - JULIO.