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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Andy Grove, former CEO and Chairman of Intel

Andy Grove is an iconic figure in technology and management worldwide. A Silicon Valley legend, he joined as one of the first employees at Intel and led the company to where it is today.

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Andy Grove has lived the American dream, escaping his native Hungary during the Hungarian Revolution and arriving penniless in America. Andy became the 4th employee at Intel and eventually its CEO in 1987, a position he occupied until 1997, remaining in the Chairman post until 2004. Andy’s leadership earned him honors including Time Magazine’s Man of the Year (1997).

In this interview Andy talks about key strategic decisions at Intel, about Microsoft’s ability to change, his managerial style, and career advice.

For a video of Andy’s opinion on Microsoft check out the video below:

For more videos from this interview click here.

Special thanks to Robert Burgelman and Philip Meza for their input, Dawn Cardon for capturing the video footage, and for Jeremy Schoos for editing it.


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