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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Before our first episode, we thought we'd give a little blurb on the idea behind the podcast.

iinnovate is about innovation and entrepreneurship. We're looking to bring you exclusive interviews with some of the world’s foremost innovators, and to have them share their unique experience, advice and outlook. We seek to feature leading entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and designers.

We're hoping you enjoy the shows and encourage any and all feedback. Stay tuned for episode 1, with renowned venture capitalist Andy Rachleff.

Julio and Matt



JT said...

Julio and Matt,

This is great stuff, I just found your blog and will be dissecting it a little more over the coming days. I really think this will be a wealth of important information for people out there considering moving forward with ideas they have and perhaps getting motivated to begin the journey. Good stuff, gentlemen.

Coffeeright Design-the 'feel good' card.

minal more said...

This is a great blog

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting these. Great lectures and a big help to entrepreneurs worldwide. Unless you have the luxury of attending a school like Stanford MBA, the opportunity to hear the great minds of the valley is not something that the average person can get.