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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Q'ns for Stanford's Dean Joss, Prof. Saloner

As Julio is toiling away trying to edit down the interview with Mike "TiVO" Ramsay (due later this week), we are preparing for our next interview on Sept 7 with Stanford Graduate School of Business's Dean Joss and the GSB's Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship Studies, Prof. Saloner.

As we are coming up with the list of questions, we thought we would check with our readers (if anyone indeed reads a podcast's accompanying blog :) to see whether there were any q'ns you would like asked.

Some of the topics we want to explore include Stanford's unique role in Silicon Valley culture, Stanford GSB's new curriculum, managing in a education institution and trends in management education. But we're open to considering anything, so feel free to weigh in.

If you have any thoughts, write it in the comment section or drop us an email.

- Matt



Anonymous said...

You guys have to ask about that Knight building donation. Do they wear Nike? :)

Also, who do they think were the most successful GSB grads?

Anonymous said...

Thought that maybe you could ask Dean about forthcoming Stanford book - "Success Built to Last", a sequel to "Built to Last" and "Good to Great" books (these two mega bestsellers also came from Stanford research projects)?
The book is authored by three Stanford legends in leadership - including Jerry Porras - an Academic Dean of Stanford GSB.

His book "Built to Last" - one of my favorite books of all time. A paper copy of "Success Built to Last" did not come out yet, but as a loyal fan I've read the digital copy that was made available on the publisher website last week. I earnestly hope this book wins Jerry Porras the Nobel Prize for Management! He has impressed me greatly with this book. I have toyed with earning another graduate degree, and while I will probably not do so, Dr. Porras' writing made it clear to me is that Stanford is a happening place and clearly making a difference in art and science of leadership!!

Anonymous said...

You could ask about the role of international students and how are they contributing back to the stanford community (international networks etc.)?

iinnovate said...

Anonymous, thanks for the input, but unfortunately we already did the interview about a week ago! Sorry for the confusion. Hope you enjoy the podcast and thanks again for the input.


Robert said...

Do you plan to interview Jim Collins and Jerry Porras? As a poster above, I am a huge fan of their books

iinnovate said...

Robert, it would be great to interview either Porras or Collins. We'll definitely add both to our wishlist of interviewees. In the meanwhile, if anyone has any additional suggestions of interviewees (or any connections to help us get in the door with any of these guys) send them in!