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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

#1 iTunes Entrepreneurship Podcast :)

From the Dept. of Shameless Self Promotion:

Hey, look ma'! We are now the #1 entrepreneurship podcast on iTunes! Needless to say we're really psyched (and flattered). On behalf of the entire iinnovate team, a special thanks to our guests and, especially, to our listeners!

Look forward to more episodes coming up and please keep those comments and suggestions coming.

- Matt


Chris said...

Hi guys, I would really like to hear more about the less established people out there that are living and breathing "ground floor" start ups at the moment. The sorts of people that aren't necessarily on the map yet, I think some interviews with people like that would offer some interesting contrast to the established big-shots.

Julio said...


Thank you so much for your comment - this kind of input is extremely helpful. We have been trying to figure out the right balance of interviewees and topics to have on the show. Right now our thinking is to have a fairly even mix of:(

1) cool and interesting startups (eg, Second Life, Meebo, Prosper)

(2) established innovative companies (Google, Intel)

(3) enablers / observers of innovation such as venture capitalists and authors (Andy Rachleff, Geoff Moore, Heidi Roizen) and

(4) Less traditional pockets of innovation (Virgin Galactic, Grameen, Sustainability)

Please send in your input if you have any thoughts on this mix. We're also planning on rolling out an easier tool for listeners to provide us with input in terms of what they like/dislike and want to see in the future.

Anonymous said...

rightfully number 1. i love this show. i've been doing a lot of research on entrepreneurship and have gone through all of your interviews in the past couple weeks. i've really enjoyed it.

if i could give any feedback i would say this: i'd love to hear from people outside of the tech industry as well. this could be the guy who started the obey brand and his innovative approach to self promotion, BT and his innovative approach to making music, to toy designers, architects, chefs, fashion designers, car designers, etc... people who are truly innovative in their field of expertise. i think the people you've had on are wonderful, but i'm sure innovators and entrepreneurs from other fields would have valuable advice from a slightly different perspective than what we're used to.

that said, do whatever you want... i'll keep listening either way.

Julio said...

thanks Philip. We are definitely trying to get some more innovation from outside of tech and the suggestions you give are good. I'd love to have people from design (toys, furniture) and music and will try to get more interviewees in those areas.

A couple of interviews that are coming up that I think you'll enjoy -- this next week we'll have Tom Kaplan who runs Wolfgang Puck's food empire. Great interview from the area of food / restaurants. Owen and I are also going up to Napa this next week and doing an interview with Thomas Keller (French Laundry, Per Se) and are trying to tie another one up with a really innovative winery.

On the car front, we're working on an interview with Tesla Motors. We also have a few coming up from greentech (Terrapass) and one from nightlife (Jason Strauss who is the owner of Tao in Vegas and Marquee in NY).

Stay tuned and keep sending in the feedback!

Unknown said...

Hey guys,

Congrats on making it to the #1 spot on itunes. I really enjoy your podcast. Your guest list is amazing. Definitely the best entrepreneurship podcast I know of.

I do have one request. Would you please consider asking your guests which two or three books or authors/thinkers have most influenced their careers? Or maybe a question like, "What is the last truly great book on business or entrepreneurship that you have read?" Or just ask what they are reading right now?

If you don't want to include this question in the podcast, you could always post their responses on your website, as it would certainly provide a good reason to bring listeners to your website.

Thanks for the great show,

Sundance Banks
Columbia, MO

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
Congrats!!. I really like your podcasts. Keep going....

Julio said...


You and some other users have asked for the book recommendation question before and we are starting to do this. However, since there's a lag between when we do the interview and when we publish them, I figured I'd pass some recommendations along.

Today we interviewed Chip Heath (author of "Made to Stick") and his recommended book was "The Springboard" by Stephen Denning. He also recommended "Startup" by Jerry Kaplan (this is the story of Go).

On a related note, I recently heard John Doerr speak (widely considered to be the best venture capitalist today) and he made book recommendations. He also recommended "Startup" and in addition recommended "The Monk and the Riddle" which is written by one of our former guests: Randy Komisar. (Doerr's third rec was "Banker to the Poor" by Muhammad Yunus who founded the Grameen Bank - see our podcast on microfinance with Alex Counts of the Grameen Foundation).

Now, if I may but in to the discussion, here are some additional related reads:
- "Only the Paranoid Survive" by Andy Grove
- "The Search" by John Battelle (on Google and search)
- "eboys" by Randall Stross (on Benchmark capital - see Andy Rachleff podcast)
- my personal favorite: "The New New Thing" by Michael Lewis, a great read on Jim Clarke