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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Alex Wong, Director of Products at 23andMe

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Alex Wong is the Director of Products at 23andMe, the popular leader in the personal genome space. As the company’s third employee, he has led product development and design for more than two years, taking the idea of a "personal genome service" from concept to reality.

In this interview, Alex explains how 23andMe is making changes in personalized healthcare and genetic research by putting consumers in the driver’s seat and spearheading consumer-driven research. He also explains how the Personal Genome Test, the "spit kit", works, and gives guidance on how to pursue and create an innovative product.

Alex brings nine years of technical and entrepreneurial experience from Network Appliance and his own direct-to-consumer digital media software startup. Alex graduated magna cum laude with a combined AB/SM in Computer Science from Harvard University, and has published research in operating systems design.

For more information about 23andMe and genetics, check out the 23andMe blog, The Spittoon!

- Min Liu

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N.J.Christopher said...

This product seems to be nice. It must be helpful to many regarding the analysis of DNA.