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Friday, October 20, 2006

Elaine, Sandy and Seth, founders of Meebo

Meebo is one of Silicon Valley's hottest startups. Experiencing explosive growth and backed by Sequoia Capital, Meebo allows users to log onto AOL, ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger and Google Talk in their web browser, eliminating the need to install any software.

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Meebo's core service allows users to log onto IM accounts within their browser, eliminating the need to install any software.

Check out these stats:
  • 1 million logins per day
  • 57 million instant messages per day
  • 120 man-years spent on Meebo by people every day(!)

All this is beginning to cause some real buzz, and Meebo routinely gets getting coverage on the big blogs, including Techcrunch, GigaOM and O'Reilly.

Here we have an interview with the founding team of Meebo: Seth, Elaine, and Sandy. We caught up with them as they moved out of their old offices into bigger digs. The interview was a blast, as they are really nice people and a ton of fun. (To get better acquainted with them, check out the Meebo blog.)

- Matt

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Anonymous said...

Eeek! They are so awesome and cool! Call me a geekg, but I soooo want to work there :) Don't even have to make any cash, just work with those smat, chill folks and work on crazy backend issues / scalability :) UNFORTUNATELY, mom may object ot me not paying off my student "growns"..

Anonymous said...

Good stuff guys!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is exactly the kind of crew that personifies what's best about silicon valley culture. Hope they do well!

iinnovate said...

Katefromoz and Taylor: I definitely agree with your comments regarding the Meebo team. They really are an awesome group - being around them is very inspirational and humbling. They are so smart and fun - a great team to work with! Thanks for listening!


Ziomal said...

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